​​What will happen during the session ?

It's normal to have questions about what happens during your coaching session, especially if you have never done this before.  

During our first initial session you will explain what you would like to see accomplished throughout our time together.  The first session may be difficult and sometimes painful because you will explain what is bothering you the most.  By giving your coach the details of the problems you have been experiencing we can help you identify the priorities.

When we focus on the issues and tackle them one by one.  Tools such as communication skills, better coping mechanisms, personal development and accountability are all areas designed to improve and educate the relationship and/or topics of concern.  A little homework may be given.

What's the difference between coaching and counseling ? 

Traditional therapy involves spending a lot of time determining how a person got into the rut they're in by exploring childhood issues, etc.  While at times it can be useful, we feel it is more important to identify the pressing issues a person is facing now, and focus on the future.

Many individuals enjoy the coaching process and feel like they are getting more out of this process than any other they have attempted.

How often should I come for a session ? 

The first few sessions usually are once a week.  We normally see a big improvement in your relationship and/or concerns during that time.  After that, every two weeks.  Then only when you feel you need it. 

How long is the session ?

(*1 Hour) One hour  -  Although, there may be times it is recommended for (*1 1/2) an hour and a half.

How much does it cost ?

In Office Sessions prepaid - $59.00 per hour.  Saving the $10 additional cost just by prepaying for your next visit in advance.  Regularly Single Sessions - $69.00 per hour 

First Time Special - $49.00 per hour 

Are the sessions covered by insurance ?

No, but considering you will have far fewer sessions than traditional therapy, it will possibly cost you less in the long run, even with insurance.

Any other questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to contact me directly @ W7.Rick@gmail.com or - 407-924-3083 - I look forward to assisting you in the journey that will empower you to accomplish your dreams and goals..


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